joinaQ™ FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about joinaQ™

  • What is joinaQ?

    joinaQ is a 2-sided platform.

    On one side it faces the customer (via the joinaQ™ free-to-use app) and enables said user to select a brand, branch, services and schedule then enjoy a carefully, and tightly choreographed customer journey designed to ensure each customer gets VIP, truly "customer-first" service every time.

    On the business end, joinaQ™ is a powerful tool designed and built from the ground-up with one purpose in mind: to end all queues by fundamentally rethinking and revising how management views, and tackles, service delivery challenges. joinaQ is a tool for businesses that need to remove customer traffic management from their set of concerns but still have the benefit of highly detailed reporting on footfall, user journeys, feedback, multi-layered performance reports and realtime access to actionable decision-making data.

  • How does joinaQ work?

    1. You, as the business, sign up and create a business account.

      There are 3 options: Personal, Small Business (SME) and Enterprise.

      Regardless of which account package you choose, your customers will get the same experience - without exception.

    2. Customers request, and are issued, tickets via joinaQ's app.
    3. They experience a gamified user-experience that guides them to you and prepares them, or 'primes' them for a personalized experience.
    4. Your agents, using tools provided by joinaQ call the "next customer" and are advised who is coming to them for service, enabling them to greet the customer with an air of recognition.
      We discuss the benefits of recognition at length in our blog and podcasts.
    5. After service, the app requests an appraisal of the brand experience. Beyond making it easy to give feedback, the key benefit is to reduce instances of customers giving feedback on social media...particularly negative feedback. We discuss this in this blog article, titled 'Short circuiting the public rant phenomenon in service delivery'.
      All feedback given by customers is private and exclusive to you and your managers; it is not shared nor displayed to customers.
    6. While all this is happening, admins and account managers within your business, granted access by you, can monitor in realtime who is being served, who is unhappy, which agent is struggling among many other key metrics and watch-points...
    7. You pay a monthly subscription to keep the services up and running for your brand and branches.

  • How can I deploy joinaQ in my organization?

    In 3 easy steps:

    1. Create an account
    2. Add your settings (brand, logo, branches, services, stations, agents, operating hours etc)
    3. Let your customers know you are now available on joinaQ™ (via appropriate channels: newsletter, press release, ad, email etc)
    Adding a new branch is 1-click-simple. Training agents is, likewise, dead simple. We are so confident of the simplicity that we do not even provide an agent's user manual!

  • What hardware do I needed?


    joinaQ™ can deliver the exact same experience you are used to from legacy QMS systems...i.e via kiosks, TVs, and PA systems... so if you prefer THAT approach, you will need those pieces of hardware. Hardware costs, and installation thereof, are not part of joinaQ's pricing.

    If you prefer to go the more innovative, and futuristic way, you can opt for joinaQ's fully mobile channel: Everything happens on the customer's phone!
    That includes the familiar "Next customer, please go to ...." announcement (including customizable voices!), the introduction to agents, any advertising or messages and all feedback related interactions...

    An illustration of what a customer sees on their device when being called by an agent.

  • What are the payment options for using joinaQ?

    joinaQ™ uses a prepaid subscription model for SME and personal package options.

    1 month of services for a branch requires 1 credit.
    Each credit gives 1 branch a single month's worth of services.

    Pricing and package options are available on the prices page. Advance payments and volume subscriptions earn appropriate discounts.
    >There are no lock-in contracts.

  • How much does joinaQ cost?

    See our package options page for a quick reference.

  • Why do all customers get the same features regardless of the package I choose?

    In a nutshell: Consistent User Experience!

    joinaQ™'s mission is to make the customer journey predictable, uniformly amazing and remarkably personal regardless of what brand the customer is interacting with be it a bank, a clinic, government office or airport.
    To that end, even if you are on the Personal package, or the Enterprise package it is never apparent to the customer using the joinaQ™ app - they experience the same amazing journey accessing your brand, Joe Schmo's brand or the biggest brand on the platform.

    It is about making the customer journey discernibly and consistently great across brands.

    One of our core passions is to do away with the fragmentation in the customer journeys customers go through when they go from a clinic to a pharmacy to a bank then to the next place.

  • Can I use joinaQ in my business / industry?

    Are you a bank? A church? A school? A government office that has perennial queuing nightmares? A car wash or a car dealership that takes cars in for service? Then you can use joinaQ™ in your business. Infact, if you have any turn-based environment you can deploy the platform in minutes and be serving customers backed by joinaQ's AI-driven backbone.

  • You mentioned "gamification"... what's that all about?

  • ...and "no wait times"? Really?

    Yes... NO "wait times"!

    Using an AI-driven backbone, joinaQ™ tightly synchronises and choreographs the movements of customers and matches that to the avaliability of agents, stations, branches and services. Each customer is always customer number 1. There are caveats, but we go into greater detail in our blog article titled "10 Reasons Why 'Customer First' service is a lie". Good read!

  • Will you help me setup?


  • I already have a QMS do I still need joinaQ?

    Tell us what you have, what your challenges are, and we will definitely advise. joinaQ™ can be an add-on to your existing toolset, or a complete, no-risk replacement.

  • I already have an app, can I add joinaQ to my app?

    Yes. There is an API for that.

  • Can I add joinaQ to my website?

    Yes. We have a widget for that.

  • Do I pay for SMSes, or emails?

    No. We've got that covered.

  • Can joinaQ's QMS be integrated into my existing booking and queuing systems?

    Yes. We will do custom integrations on request.

  • I'm concerned about security, wont joinaQ's systems expose my own systems to security risks?

    Here is where the power of joinaQ™ really shows. There is 0-integration with your systems. We do not, at all, need to interface with any of your systems for joinaQ™ QMS to work in your organization. The 100% isolation, cloud-based approach and no-integration-necessary principles were are intentional design choice to make it easy for executives and decision-makers to take the dive without worrying about security or installation costs..

  • I have a wide footprint of branches, with lots of agents, wont training be expensive and time-intensive?

    The intuitive design of the platform makes training extremely simple. So simple there is no agent's manual! We do provide webinar-based training and face-to-face* training for Enterprise clients.
    This is at no extra cost to your business.

  • How easy is it to implement joinaQ in my business?

    If the foregoing answers have not convinced you how easy joinaQ™ is to adopt - get in touch! We'll show you!

  • What if I decide to leave joinaQ?

    It's as easy to leave as it it to get onto joinaQ™ - just stop paying your subscription.

    There are no lock-in contracts.